Grading (Spring 2017)

Numerical ranges for final grades are as follows: 90-100 points = A, 80-89 points = B, 70-79 points = C, 60-69 points = D, 0-59 points = F. Final grades will not be curved.

Don’t trust the grade calculation on WebAssign! Instead, use this spreadsheet, which allows you to calculate your final grade based on your current grades and expectations for the remaining tests and bucket points.
Excel grade calculator

The Core Points – 90 points of required work for all students

45ptsEvening Tests: There are four evening tests weighted from your lowest to highest test score (6pts, 9pts, 12pts, 18pts). The dates for these tests are listed on the course schedule.

  • The format may be a combination of multiple choice and free response
  • Closed book/notes except for a formula sheet (provided with your test)
  • Arrangements will be made for ADAPTS students on a per-person basis – please consult with the instructor.

25ptsFinal Exam: The final is comprehensive and is twice the length of the other tests.

20ptsLaboratory: Lab begins the first week of class, please bring your laptop with you to lab.

  • You must attend the lab section for which you are registered in order to receive credit.
  • Lab exercises will account for 15pts of your final grade in the course and may include group problems, experiments or computational modeling.
    • Each lab will have an associated assignment on WebAssign to be completed in lab. These assignments are worth 5 of the 15 lab points.
    • Your TA will assess your work through a series of checkpoints to be completed in lab. These checkpoints will account for 10 of the 15 lab exercise points
  • At the start of most labs, students will have 25 minutes to complete a lab quiz. Your lab quizzes will account for 5 of the 20pts of your final grade in the course.

The Bucket Points – Earn 10 points from any combination of these activities

5pts – Homework: Accessed by logging into T-Square and clicking on the WebAssign link or clicking here.

  • Homework is due every Sunday evening at 9 PM. Correct submissions submitted more than 48 hours before the deadline earn a 40% bonus. Homework scores greater than 100% will count as extra credit. For example, correct homework always submitted early would earn 2pts of extra credit on the final course grade.

3pts – Participation: Class participation is monitored through a series of in-class polling-type questions.

1ptOptional Assignments: Additional physics problems will be posted for each chapter and are due before each test.

2pt – Seminar Reviews: After attending one of the pre-selected seminars, submit to webassign either (A) a short video review or (B) a half-page written review. In your review, do not just summarize but also give your own observations on the work and how it may connect with the class. Attend and review four seminars for the full 2 points. A listing of available seminars will be posted to the course webpage; if you want to attend a seminar not listed, please ask for approval first.

2pts – Reading Assignments: A few questions on the reading assignments are due at 9 PM on the day before each class. No partial credit will be given; each assignment is graded all-or-nothing.