Seminars and Colloquia

The following are seminars or colloquia that would be appropriate fodder for you to attend and then write up for seminar review bucket credit.

  1. Tuesday, January 16, 11 AM: Synthetic Human Embryo in a Dish
  2. Monday, January 22, 3 PM: Neuronal Control of Stereotyped Behavior in Invertebrates
  3. Wednesday, January 31, 1:40 PM: Molecular Mechanisms of Nutrient Acquisition and Virulence Revealed by Molecular Dynamics Simulations
  4. Monday, February 5, 6 PM: From Molecules to Migration: How Quantum Physics Can Explain the Compass of Birds. (video)
  5. Tuesday, February 6, 3 PM: A Photochemical Mechanism for Magnetic Sensitivity in Animals.
  6. Monday, February 26, 3 PM in the Engineered Biosystems Building, Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta Seminar Room: The Physics of Active Matter
  7. Monday, March 12, 3 PM: Life in the Universe
  8. Monday, March 12, 6 PM: The Case for Cosmic Modesty
  9. Tuesday, March 27, 4 PM: Molecular Machines Kill Cells by Drilling Holes in the Lipid Bilayers
  10. Wednesday, March 28, 11 AM: Ciliated tissues: structure, mechanics and biological function
  11. Wednesday, March 28, 12 PM: Do the springs in your muscles put a bounce in your step?
  12. Wednesday, March 28, 3 PM: Relating morphology and optical response in soft optoelectronic materials
  13. Wednesday, April 4, 3 PM: Nature’s Optics and Our Understanding of Light
  14. Tuesday, March 27, 11 AM: Spatially Organizing Biointerfaces to Interrogate Immune Functions
  15. Tuesday, March 27, 6 PM: Sex, Flies and Video: Communicating Science to the Public in Words and Images
  16. Wednesday, March 28, 11 AM: Ciliated tissues: structure, mechanics and biological function
  17. Wednesday, March 28, 12 PM: Do the Springs in Your Muscles Put a Bounce in Your Step?
  18. Tuesday, April 3, 3 PM: Measuring Microscale Structure-Property Relationships in Cartilage Using Elastography and Vibrational Spectroscopy
  19. Monday, April 9, 4 PM: Bone as a Structural and Biological Material
  20. Thursday, April 12, 2 PM: Microbes Under Pressure
  21. Thursday, April 12, 4 PM: Moving through a turbulent environment
  22. Thursday, April 17, 10:55 AM: Moving Beyond Muscles: The Tuning of Elastic Systems in Biology
  23. Monday, April 23, 3 PM: The physics, biology, and technology of resonance energy transfer