The IPLS physics recitation and labs use biological examples to teach the same – or more – physics that you would have learned in the “traditional” or “modern” flavors of intro physics. We expect it to be more interesting, more relevant and (we hope) more fun for life-sciences people. Fair warning: it will also be more chaotic.

Week-by-week specifics will be updated in the schedule below as the semester progresses. Quizzes and Recitations are posted on Piazza.

Date Pre-reading Quiz / Tutorial / Recitation Lab Instructions Writeup due


8/24 (1) none Tutorial: vectors none none
8/31 (2) Recitation: How big is a worm? 1a: Neutrophil velocity End of lab
9/7 (3) Recitation: The cat and the antelope 1b: Neutrophil velocity See below.  Labor day (M)
9/14 (4) Quiz Write up 1b data during lab. End of lab.
9/21 (5) none Quiz 2a: Viscous drag and terminal velocity See below.
9/28 (6) Recitation: DNA as a spring.

2b: Viscous drag and terminal velocity Upload data during lab.

See below


Exam on Monday
10/5 (7) none Quiz and

Recitation: Hydrogen bonding

Work on viscous drag writeup. Writeup due by next lab.
10/12 (8)  none Recitation: Electrophoresis 3a: Brownian motion Extremely short individual writeup due by next lab Columbus Day (M/T)
10/19 (9)  none Quiz 3b: Brownian motion See next week
10/26 (10)  none Recitation: Fish bladder 3c: Brownian motion Writeup due by next lab.
11/2 (11)  none Recitation: Circulatory system 4: Drift + Brownian motion Writeup due by next lab.
11/9 (12)  none Quiz (buoyancy) 5: Vesicle transport See next week.
11/16 (13)  none Quiz (energy) 5: Analysis of vesicle transport Writeup due by next lab.
11/23 (14) Thanksgiving break
12/2 (15)  Quiz (heat capacity) X: Makeup lab Quiz/recitation for all.
Makeup lab only for those who need it