Weekly Seminars

Every week we trawl through upcoming seminars and colloquia and put together a list of a couple of bio/physics-y talks that you could fruitfully attend and subsequently review for credit as part of your bucket points. The list is available via a link on the course’s schedule page, or directly here.

This week, we have a seminar from our very own Prof Gumbart:

  1. Wednesday, January 31, 1:40 PM: Molecular Mechanisms of Nutrient Acquisition and Virulence Revealed by Molecular Dynamics Simulations

FYI the following week we already have on our radar two talks (the first less technical) by the same person:

  1. Monday, February 5, 6 PM: From Molecules to Migration: How Quantum Physics Can Explain the Compass of Birds.
  2. Tuesday, February 6, 3 PM: A Photochemical Mechanism for Magnetic Sensitivity in Animals.